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if you fall in love with two people, choose the second one, because if you really loved the first you wouldn't have fallen for the second
~ Johnny Depp
Part of me loves you
Part of me hates you
Part of me needs you
Part of me fears you
~ Bo Burnham
Man is a four letter word
~ Cory taylor

~ Hi! Heyo! Hello! Ello! Heya! Sup! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Ciao! Namaste! Salaam! Dia dhuit! ~
Heyo! My Fursona's Name is Destiny, you can call me that or Fallen
+Female [tho i go by any pronoun]+Demi-Sexual/Romantic+Gore Whore to the Core+"Pagan" [using it in the umbrella term, not the religion itself]+Artist+
you can find me on telegram @//FallenDragonWings

Current favorite song(s): Waterfall- Undetale OST; No ones there- Korn; Nerds/ We think we know you- Bo Burnham; IDFC- blaclbear[tarro remix]

Current favorite comidian: Bo Burnham

Favourite youtuber: whiteshadow061898 will always have my heart at my most fav

Current job status: currently unemployed and DESPERATELY looking

If youve made it this far through my shit then bravo
I am a demi-sexual female, who has a mate/boyfriend and i will NOT sexually rp/yiff with anyone else so please do not ask, like come on guys, you make us look bad to the public doing that so much...please just stop

this is all for now cx ill add more later xD please help us get more people!
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Hey there dude :D ~! Nice to see you about !

Miff !

Thank you for the watch.

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