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Can'­t slee­p. Deve­lopi­ng Miff­y.

by Miff !

Posted: 2 years ago
I'm working on coming up with a backstory/settingish for Miff. A few random facts:

* The setting takes place on a planet similar to Earth but populated by anthro animals. There's a high level of magic which permeates everyday life and even the physics of the world.
* Miff is indestructible.
* Miff's adopted mother is a skunk named Amber Falden.
* Miff was hatched in the early morning of September 10th, 1961. However, this is not the timeline we in the real world know.
* Adult-Miff is in his mid 20's, making the setting set in the 1980s.
* Miff was hatched from an egg found in a meteorite.

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