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Rayn­es Hous­e Rapt­or!

by FallenDragonWings

!!Not my Art!!
ART BY: Tapjap of telegram!(their super lovely)
Introducing the Mage's Goshawk!

TJ does "HouseBeast" comms, creatures based on 3 things, all from the Wizarding World! (Of Harry potter)

1) Your Hogwarts house
2) Your Ilvermorny house
3) Your Patronus (aka animal guardian)

I'm a
1) Ravenclaw
2) Thunderbird
3) Goshawk!

So TJ made me this super lovely and majestic raptor! I love him so much!!

-Yes the glow changes sometimes, but it's most always that blue

-He can change size from a smaller form that can sit on a shoulder to being big enough that someone can ride him!

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