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[NOT­MYAR­T] Love­ly even­ing

by Miff ! has been one of my favorite furry artists since forever and they were open for commissions, so I absolutely had to have one. I couldn't think of an idea so I looked over my old "comission ideas" notes and found this lovely one of me and my mate and it came out so adorably beautiful. ^u^

Ness's backgrounds are always a shining part of his work, and he managed to gleam so many little details about me (and Jinxy to some extent ^^) from my FA profile. (Pespo is so much better then Koce.)

This is probably one of my favorite pieces of artwork I've ever received. It's so detailed, so personal, and reminds me of some of the best times with the love of my life. (The funny thing is with the DHMIS poster in the background- he was actually the one who introduced me to the series. xD)

Ness is a fantastic artist who I've admired for the longest time, and you should all go check out his artwork on Weasyl and FA.

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